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The New LCG V10 4wd Sedan: DSCN7047a












LCG V10 Features List


Innovative Features:

-Swappable between upright and lay down shock configuration,

-Replaceable droop screw plates save chassis wear,

-High strength extra wide front bumper protects arms and shocks in impact,

-Fully ball jointed suspension arms for unlimited adjustment capability,

-All usual adjustments; castor, camber, toe, droop, ride height all adjustable with no additional parts,

-Hollow aluminum axles,

-Styrene core carbon fiber chassis, steering base plate, steering arm and upright shock towers,



-Super lightweight simple battery retainer,

-Single deck 4.5mm laminated rigid carbon fiber and styrene chassis plate gives super low center of gravity and light weight,

-Central inline motor, battery and servo for great weight transfer in cornering.

- Pocket style battery tray accepts new lithium as well as traditional NIMH batteries.

-Recessed motor and servo for low center of gravity,


-Lightweight hollow center shaft in sliding mounts allow adjustment of belt tension,

-Large 10 x 15mm diff bearings,

-MIP steel outer axles,

-Efficient 2 belt drive train with lightweight wide ball differentials,

-Axle pins have flats for positive setscrew fastening,



-High performance Ultralloy plastics,

-upper and lower suspension arms provide rigidity and reliably hold settings,

-Lower arms are 7075 aluminum with 3mm steel screws into ball joints.



-42 specially CNC machined 7075 anodized aluminum parts,

-Full ball bearings included,

-Standard 3 and 4mm hardware,

-Adjustable Ackerman single arm steering rack,

-Delrin axle blades for long life and low driveline drag,

The LCG is now sold as a complete kit including all suspension kits and shocks. Still available are the conversion kits if you want the option to switch between suspension configurations.

The LCG is an entrance in the advanced class of super cars: the 1/10 scale 4wd sedan. It brings with it the innovation to break free from the pack with progressive features like the ability to switch from upright to laydown suspension geometry and fully ball jointed arms for unlimited adjustment opportunities.

The LCG V10 was designed from the ground up to enable the racer to choose from a wide range of setup options. The LCG platform is capable of running ether traditional upright or new laydown shock systems in both the front and the rear. It utilizes the newest inline electronics layout and includes numerous adjustability systems like the ball jointed suspension arms. The LCG also has chassis stiffness tuning options such as individual short upper decks or a full length upper deck (shown at left) for maximum stiffness allowing the racer to tune for ether foam or rubber tire classes.

The laydown suspension geometry uses the vertical movement of the arms at a low angle with a rocker to turn the motion back toword the origin in a horizontal orientation. It works because there is much more vertical movement than horizontal movement in the travel of the arm. This allows the shocks to be mounted in the same spot that causes the movement to start.

Tigermoth LCG V10

Specs List:



Class:                          1/10 electric touring car

Width:                         Adjustable from 189-194mm. 200mm possible by spacing out wheels.

Length:                       373mm

Wheelbase:                 256mm

Weight:                       Laydown:575g  Upright:567g  Laydown RTR w/foams:1,270g  Upright RTR w/foams:1,262g



Chassis:                      6 cell NIMH/NICD 2 cell Lipo, 4.5mm CNC machined laminated carbon fiber and styrene plastic.

Shock Towers:            3.0mm CNC machined laminated carbon fiber and styrene plastic with 4x positions.

Body:                          Not included; accepts all 190-200mm touring & vintage bodies.


Drive Train:

System:                       Dual narrow belt.

Center Shaft:              Hollow 7075 aluminum with dual 15t pulleys.

Primary Drive:           Pinion & spur gears.

Internal Ratio:            2.13:1

Drive Shafts:              Custom hollow 7075 CNC machined & anodized aluminum inner axles mated with MIP CVD steel outer axles.

Differentials:              12 bearing pulleys, 32t, and optional front friction diff spool.

Bearings:                    Premium metal shielded Boca bearings



Front:                          Upright or lay down shock configuration, 7075 CNC machined aluminum arms with adjustable high strength nylon ball joints for castor & camber adjustments.

Rear:                           Upright or lay down shock configuration, 7075 CNC machined aluminum arms with adjustable high strength nylon ball joints for castor & camber adjustments. Extra reinforced rear hubs with steel bearing support inserts.

C-hubs:                       None: arm adjustments allow for Zero to Eight degree castor setting with no additional parts.

Shocks:                       Not supplied with kit. Recommended: Tamiya Racing Factory shock kit #42102. Any touring car shock that mounts with m3 screws is accepted.


Camber:                      Adjustable front & rear 0-5 degrees with no extra parts.

Caster:                        Adjustable front 0-8 degrees, rear 0-2 degrees with no extra parts.

Toe:                             Adjustable front infinite, rear 0-3 degrees.

Droop:                         Adjustable front & rear 0-3mm and has replaceable pads.

Front anti-dive:          Adjustable 0-3 degrees.

Rear anti-squat:          Adjustable 0-3 degrees.

Ackerman:                  Adjustable; 4 positions on steering arm, 2 positions on front knuckles & fine adjustment slot in steering base plate.

Steering:                     Dual bearing single bell crank carbon fiber & styrene laminated rack & base plate.


Wheels/Tires              Not included. Foam or rubber capable & chassis stiffness is adjustable to suit either.

Manual:                      23 page color assembly manual & separate tuning guide, setup sheets & full parts list.

Assembly Aids:          Included diff grease, black thrust grease, allen wrenches & decals.


ADDITIONAL REQUIRED ITEMS: This kit is supplied without any running equipment as there are a vast number of available choices that must be tailored to the enthusiastís preference and budget. The items needed to complete this kit are as follows:


-2 channel radio system with 1 servo.            -speed control and matching motor.

-Battery pack and charger.                             -Body; 1/10 scale 190-200mm touring style.

-Body paint.                                                   -wheels and tires-foam or rubber.

-Servo saver for your brand servo.                -Pinion gear 45 tooth 64 pitch recommended

-Spur gear 88 tooth 64 pitch.                         -Medium or thick CA glue.


For help with choosing the right components for you, visit your local R/C hobby shop or your local racetrack and ask to see what the racers are running. Going to the track is always the best option as it shows you all the newest products and gives you hands on advice. The performance of this vehicle is directly linked to the quality of electronics you install. The LCG is designed to handle todayís brushless systems with lithium batteries and that is what we recommend.

Please note the shipping cost is automatically calculated on all orders for all destinations within the USA. If your order is to be sent outside the USA, please send us your address and desired method for total shipping cost. Standard shipping method is Priority Mail (2-3 days). Express or overnight is available upon request. Shipment can be delayed due to high demand. If a delay is expected, you will be immediately notified. There is a 15% restocking fee for returned unopened kits and the purchaser is required to cover all return shipping costs. No returns are accepted on opened or partially assembled kits.

Click Here LCG Manual & Parts List for the LCG complete assembly manual, setup sheets and parts list. Note that the parts & design have been updated but the part #s remain the same. 

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